About Cory McGarr

Cory McGarr was born in 1988 in southern New Jersey and is one of six children. He lived a pretty typical life there and even attended the same schools his family had years prior. It was in high school where he began reading his Bible and found his purpose in life and became a Christian. He met his wife Rebecca, an Arizona native, while attending a Sunday morning church service in June of 2004. He later married her, his high school sweetheart, and they have four children. Like his father, he found work with the local pest control company as a technician. He was rapidly promoted four times over the next 12 years with the last promotion landing him working in Tucson, Arizona.

Cory specifically sought out to leave New Jersey because of its government and the lack of freedom. He saw first hand how an oppressive and corrupt government can abuse the people, stifle growth, and restrict free choices. There was no better example than their utter disregard for our 2nd amendment rights. This made the decision to move to Arizona clear since it was a vibrant free state with low taxes, low regulation, and they protected gun rights. After moving to Tucson, Cory got involved with the local pro-life groups, began attending the legislative district meeting and even became precinct committeemen.

The events of the 2020 election directly influenced Cory’s decision to run for public office. He was appalled at the excuses, half measures, and basic inaction of the locally elected leaders. Even worse, when the house and senate went in session in early 2021 they failed to pass even one meaningful election reform. This led to Cory deciding to run for the Arizona House. He is running to fix the broken election system, eliminate fraud and never allow the events of 2020 to happen again.

Cory is a constitutional conservative who believes that the best government is that which governs least and that it’s sole purpose should be to protect the rights and freedoms of the individual. Cory is a strong defender of life, the 2nd amendment, and religious liberty and he does not compromise on his values.

The reasons I am going to be running for the house are simple. I just got tired of yelling at the radio and tv each day. The events that transpired over the last year have shown that our politicians simply don’t have our back.

Patriots in Arizona know we have God-given and Constitutional rights that must always be defended.

In the State House, Cory will be a Real Conservative Fighter by:

  • Protecting the Second Amendment
  • Defending 100% pro-life values
  • Stopping Critical Race Theory
  • Standing with our small businesses
  • Opposing vaccine passports
  • Advocating for a secure border
  • Maintaining term limits and enacting them on ALL politicians

For years, Arizona has been a Republican controlled state, yet we still have not secured our elections or passed impenetrable gun rights. Now, we’re being told by the liberal media Arizona is a blue state… Our representatives in Phoenix are too often career politicians whose default position is to DO NOTHING. It’s time for Arizona to lead again. It’s time we send in some Real Conservative Fighters.

Term Limits. Secure Elections. Rule of Law.

The formula for a better Arizona is simple, but we need Conservative fighters willing to act.